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Amanda Mason - Nutrition & Fitness Coach

Hi, I'm Amanda

I’m a nutrition and fitness coach, personal trainer and master of making the journey to your goals, easier. My mission is to empower you with skills and knowledge to create the body and life you have always desired. I will help you uncover what’s holding you back from reaching your goals, parts of yourself such as your relationship with food, daily habits, metabolism, digestion, gut health and mindset. It is once you understand yourself ‘within’ that you can change yourself without. Together, we’ll create permanent results.


I am your personal cheerleader. Your accountability. Your objectivity. Your success celebrator.

I am your coach.


I coach women (and men) in learning about their bodies for permanent internal and external changes, looking within to understand their habits and the ‘why’ behind what we do. By helping you look within to understand your habits, you will learn the skills you need to counteract emotions (mindset), create permanent habit change, and see desired results. Because when your mind is strong, so is your body.

The journey of health is filled with battles against the self… battles which produce the characteristics we need to accomplish our goals and create our best self in all aspects of life, discipline, inner strength, taking initiative, perseverance, commitment, attitude, confidence and the ability to let go of yesterday’s mishaps and move forward with today.

It’s not about being perfect - it’s about growing and evolving. To change yourself, you have to change your mindset and sometimes it’s just about being better than you were yesterday… at eating healthy, at being kind, at listening, at having patience or just plain being you.

Success is achieved when you seek out your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. Needing help isn’t a sign of weakness, but of strength. We are stronger together. No matter what stage of life you are in, I want to help you build better thoughts, better decisions and better actions. I believe in you, and you’ll learn to believe in yourself too.

My end all mission is to empower you through the process of physique changes, to build strong characteristics (like self belief) to take on the challenges faced outside of the kitchen and gym, in life, and to begin living consciously, doing the things necessary to create your best life.

When we learn our bodies, we own the power to change the way we feel. You don’t have to stay stuck in any place in life - we have this one life, let’s feel good while living it

MY STORY & Certifications

My passion for fitness and health developed at the age of thirteen. It was my outlet for managing life and I felt better inside when I moved and ate well. I began educating myself by through researching and  reading everything and anything I could in nutrition and fitness. I began shadowing in the industry, gaining experience in a variety of areas throughout my summers and igniting more passion to obtain my BS in Kinesiology and Public Health at Indiana University in 2007 where I gained experience in nutrition, psychology, neurology, biomechanics, anatomy, sports specific programming, wellness education and chronic health issues, later expanding into side jobs and studies surrounding fitness competition preparation (bodybuilding), family health, special needs, stress management and rehabilitation.

I have mastered many aspects of health and personal development, including becoming a certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach through NESTA, ISSA and eCornell Plant Based Nutrition, a trainer of MAT (Muscle Activation techniques) and RTS (Resistance Training Specialist) scientific principles, a certified specialist for pre-natal and postpartum exercise design and written hundreds of customized nutrition and fitness plans that have been successfully used.