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Health and Fitness Consultation - Amanda Mason

Custom Starter Plan

Have you been working out and eating healthy but not seeing the results you’d like? Feeling frustrated? Unsure how to get started or what to do to reach your goals? 


What is it?

The Custom Starter Plan is a do-it-yourself plan taking you from here, where you are, to where you want to be. Combined with a video, phone or email consultation, this program provides a completely customized plan to give you the step by step that will move you from where you are to where you want to be. You are provided with a clear plan including nutrition, fitness, mindset, habit and lifestyle components to turn your current or non-existent routine into one that is actually going to provide you results.  

this is for you if...

  • You have a current routine that is no longer providing you physique changes
  • You feel stuck or frustrated
  • You don’t know where to start or how to get started
  • You are uncertain if your goals are realistic and if so, how do you get to them
  • *Requires you to be self-disciplined and follow plan without guidance or accountability. If you feel that you need any sort of accountability check out Online Coaching

What's Included

In the Consultation, we will review your current body stats, health history, diet and training routine, daily challenges, mindset, habit, and overall lifestyle to get the most insight into who you are and why you do what you do. This allows me to create a fully Customized Starter Plan with the necessary steps to get you moving in the direction of your goals, this will include:

  • Defined goals - knowing what you want is the first step to getting what you want
  • Diet changes OR Calorie and macronutrient recommendations
  • Current training plan review + changes or new custom plan creation (gym, outdoor or at-home workouts)
  • Mindset strategies to support desired changes in body/health
  • Tips for socializing, eating out and traveling while staying on plan 
  • Step-by-step meal prep - making it easy (& delicious)!



STEP 01.

Click Fill Out the Questionnaire so I can start to get to know you.


STEP 02.

Once you submit the Questionnaire I will contact you to decide if you'd like to consult via email, phone or video.



If you choose email, you will receive any additional questions from your questionnaire and 4-7 days later you will receive your Start Plan via email.



If you choose phone or video, after receiving your questionnaire we will set up a time and day to discuss and consult. You will receive your Starter Plan 4-7 days later via email.



You'll be able to add them at check-out.

Customized 6 Week Training Plan - Amanda Mason

Remove the guesswork and workout with a purpose. With endless amounts of information, trends and methods of training, it can be challenging to determine what training style is best for your body and your goals.  I will design a plan specifically for you based on your baseline measurements, body postures, current fitness level and goals.

Customized Menu Grocery List - Amanda Mason

Sometimes you just don’t have the time or the brainpower to do the thinking. And frankly, your meal ideas are starting to get stale. Let me do the thinking for you. I will take in consideration your likes/dislikes, taste buds, lifestyle and body needs to create daily menus and grocery lists to help you stay consistent with your commitment to eating healthy (and help make those busy weeks feel less stressful).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What’s the difference between an email consultation and a Skype video or phone consultation?

An email consultation simply takes out the face to face or voice to voice. Skype consultations allow for more questions to be answered in a shorter amount of time. Both will receive the Custom Starter Plan via email.

How long does it take to receive my plan?

Between 4 and 7 days.

What if I want or need more?

You're at the right place! Check out my online coaching services.

What if I decide that I do need more accountability after already starting the Custom Starter Plan.

This tends to happen. You are motivated to get started but then, after a few weeks you lose that pep in your step, and it's not that you don't want your goal, you just have some hiccups and get thrown off and don't know how to manage the situations. Not to worry, we will use the fee you paid for the Custom Starter Plan and add it to the coaching fees to help you best continue your journey smoothly and now with all the added bells and whistles to keep you confident in your day to day efforts. 

Is the Custom Starter Plan refundable?

Sorry, the Custom Starter Plan is not refundable.


Do you have more questions? Don't hesitate to ask me.