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Jumpstart Retreat in Costa Rica - Amanda Mason

Your Jumpstart Retreat

Let’s be real, changing habits can feel intimidating. Often you may want to make changes but you find yourself so busy keeping up with crowded schedules day in and day out, that you are not sure how to begin. It’s not to say it’s not a major desire of yours, but life, always interrupts your intentions.

What if you were to take away those distractions, responsibilities and to-do lists for a week? Think that would give you some momentum? I guarantee it will.

After all, the answer is ancient, it’s just been forgotten in our modern lives – going on an adventure, taking a risk, participating in a series of firsts. The demands and priorities of daily life can find you losing sight of your own needs, health and self. Getting rid of unhealthy habits and creating a foundation for a better version of you is much easier done when you are out of your routine life and instead surrounded by a new environment.


Transform yourself in the jungle on top of the waves and under the Costa Rican sun on a

completely personalized active getaway


*If you’d like to bring a partner, friend or small group, just ask!


What you'll gain from YOUR Jumpstart Retreat



Being challenged in new ways (mentally and physically) opens you up to seeing that you can and you will, if only you believe. Self-belief is the first step to owning your life, your body and your journey.


Taking yourself out of your day-to-day roles and routines has immense power. By allowing time for self-discovery, you make a commitment to yourself. In this commitment you learn what it’s like to truly prioritize the things that matter, your health, your mind, your body, the things that are irreplaceable. Commitment is where beginnings turn into successful results.

Renewed energy

Seeking new experiences, learning new skills, and opening the door to new ideas inspires us and educates us in a way that little else does. Trying new things causes us to reflect, to see old problems in a new light and to tackle the challenges we face on a daily basis with patience, internal peace, and ultimately more energy. From your mentality, your vibe and your ability, you’ll leave with more pep in your step.



If your mind is stressed, so will be your body. Your body hears everything your mind says and if the words aren’t filled with self-love, positivity and good intention - likely your body is suffering too. Finding calm in the chaos is a skill and a mentally that is key to creating changes not only in your external physique, but in life.


Time away gives perspective, and with perspective comes a change in thought, in choice, in decision, in reaction and in action.

Physical Change

From the mental - self-talk, self-belief, mindset, perspective, reaction, actions - to the physical - how you feel, how you carry yourself, the way you move and your physical appearance - all have an impact on how you live.


It is here, on your getaway to Costa Rica, that you will ultimately be empowered - through fitness, nutrition, adventure and nature - to begin living consciously and creating more happiness in your life.

I believe that looking good doesn’t matter unless you feel good on the inside, too. It’s when you feel your best, you can be your best and when you are your best, anything is possible.




STEP 01.

Fill out the Questionnaire by clicking 'Book My Jumpstart Retreat' below to allow me to tailor the retreat to your needs and enhance the focus and benefits of your personal experience during the retreat.


STEP 02.

Choose your dates and length of stay, personalize your stay (including nutrition and fitness components) and decide optional add-on’s.


STEP 03.

Show up in Costa Rica to explore paradise as you recharge, renew and recommit to you!