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My weaknesses have become my strengths, my failures have become my successes and my pain has become my light as I began to know myself better each week of coaching with Amanda. I faced my fears and they went from insurmountable mountains to little hills. For me what meant the most was the heart Amanda showed me. Her guidance and heart pushed my broken spirit into a renewed full of accountability for myself life plan.
— Laura, client

I saw incredible results in my body and felt so much better physically and mentally. My body feels strong and my muscles have never been so developed and toned! There were many times that I would focus on the numbers (weight, measuring tape) and become discouraged, but Amanda taught me to trust the process, forget about the numbers, and how to feel my way to positive results. I feel the healthiest I have ever been in my life! There is no other person who could be as supportive, encouraging, and motivating than Amanda! It is so apparent that she is beyond educated and passionate about her job and her clients!
— Jennifer


Diary of a Coach

Jessica - Coaching Client Transformation - Amanda Mason


Jessica is post pregnancy and on a mission. After just 12 weeks of Online Coaching, she is now in her pre-baby clothes, 15lbs lighter, gaining muscle and has learned easy ways to prep meals for both herself and her family while still living life and enjoying being social.


Week 1 to Week 4 of Online Coaching. Not only was she able to drop 9lbs, 2.5 inches from her waist and 2.5 inches from her hips, but she now fits perfectly in her wedding dress and feels incredible!
Jill - Coaching Client Transformation  - Amanda Mason
Stephanie - Coaching Client Transformation - Amanda Mason


Enough was enough, she wanted to feel better so she took the reigns and completely revamped her lifestyle. From a new daily regimen, to learning how to make her own food, step by step we created weekly goals that allowed her to be successful as she created an entirely new way of living.


This is just the beginning for this chef. Surrounded by food day in and day out, she used to find it challenging to make any headway towards her health goals. Using flexible dieting to find balance and switching from all cardio to focusing on resistance training, she has made great changes in her physique to date. While the scale has only decreased in weight by 3lbs, she has lost more than 10inches all over her body.
Dara - Coaching Client Transformation - Amanda Mason
Lori - Coaching Client Transformation - Amanda Mason


After 6 weeks of Online Coaching, Lori has lost 16lbs, 3 inches from her waist and 3 inches from her hips. Her dedication to herself, inner strength, perseverance and the ability to no longer allow outside stresses of life affect her health have allowed her to make these external changes, for these are the icing on the cake to all she has accomplished on the inside.


This single mom and career woman has found that having a routine and being held accountable are key for keeping her on track towards her goals. Through family meal prep and including her kids in her workouts, she has created a new foundation of healthy habits for not only herself, but her family.
Lesia - Coaching Client Transformation - Amanda Mason

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